Welcome to the Rutgers Physician Referral database. This site provides a way for you to search the entire state for a RUTGERS doctor.

Clicking on NEED A DOCTOR will bring you to a page which includes all of the doctors currently listed in the database. You can search by LOCATION, SPECIALTY, DOCTOR TYPE and LAST NAME from here. To display more detailed information about individual doctors, click on the underlined name.

At the top of the page, you can click in any of three listings:

  • New Jersey Medical School, headquartered in Newark, NJ

  • Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (UMG), headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ

  • New Jersey Dental School’s Center for Dental and Oral Health, headquartered in Newark, NJ

If you do not find an appropriate match at first, we encourage you to return to the top banner of the page and select another practice or select NEED A DOCTOR. 

Searching Instructions For Individual School

Our search engine allows you to build a custom filtered list of physicians. You can search by:

    • Physician’s Last Name

    • Primary Care Physician

    • Specialty

    • Insurance Participation

    • Board Certification

    • Department

    • Division

  1. To search, specify any combination of the criteria shown in the drop down lists and then click on the List Doctors button. (Leaving a field blank will not be a problem.) Observe the frame on the left after you have clicked the List Doctors button. It will display a list of those physicians matching your criteria. Click on any one of the physician’s names to see a more detailed profile.

  2. To view another physician’s profile using the same search criteria, just click on any listed name in the left frame.

  3. To establish a new search, click on the Clear button and repeat the search process.

If you want more detail on a Doctor whose name you already know, you can either:

    • click on the first letter of the physician’s last name in the alphabetical list at the top of the page, or

    • conduct a search by typing the first letter of that doctor’s name in the Last Name field.

Click on any of the listed practices in the top banner to select another physician’s group. Click on NEED A DOCTOR will display all RUTGERS Providers. If you have any comments, please send an email to  RUTGERSDOCTORS@rutgers.edu .

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