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After eight years serving as separate coalitions, the Essex and Passaic County Cancer Coalitions united on July 1, 2012 to form the regional two-county Essex-Passaic Wellness Coalition, with an enhanced mission and combined meetings.

Information and resources on cancer survivorship during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mammography In Motion

SAVE Screening Calendar

All SAVE cancer screenings, including the ones on the mammography van, are listed in the Essex County Cancer Coalition’s calendar of all Essex County cancer events.

The following requirements must be adhered to in order to have the Mammography in Motion van on site.

1. The address of the screening site must be in Essex County, NJ.
2. The screening site must be able to schedule at least 20-25 women for screening services for the day of the visit.
3. Women must be 40 years old or older for mammogram and 21 years old or older for Pap smear with no or limited health insurance.
4. Women of any age and from any county can be scheduled if they are symptomatic.
5. Women should be residents of Essex County. (For resources in other counties, go here.)
6. Women must be income eligible. (See chart.)
7. A large room is needed in order to accommodate the women for Health Education, and paper work to be done. The room should be located near the exit where the mobile unit will be parked.
8. The mobile unit will require a forty-foot (40) parking space.
9. One or more of your staff members must be available to assist the participants with required paperwork on the day of the visit.

Contact Information to request a screening at your site:

Zelia DeSouza
Community Outreach Coordinator
S.A.V.E. Women and Men Program
Rutgers Health Sciences–Newark
Stanley S. Bergen Building, Suite GA 207
65 Bergen Street
Newark, NJ  07101